When the time came to build my dream clinic, I interviewed several interior designers.  I didn't have a detailed vision of exactly what I wanted, but I'm quite persnickety, and had taken on the task of turning an empty building into a beautiful, functional wellness center.  During the interviewing process, Jen took the time to listen to my nebulous vision and presented different possibilities.  I quickly realized that she was going to nail it and that she would be a joy to work with.  I was right.  She not only turned my vague vision into a flawless reality, but she made the process fun and effortless.  I can be difficult to please, because I have very particular taste, but I have a hard time visualizing details in a space before they come together.  I have to see the finished product before knowing if I like something because I'm not good at putting it all together in my mind's eye.  This can be risky, especially when you're picky like me.  Every last detail that Jennifer put together for my project was not only perfect and exactly what I wanted, but she was also able to create that which I didn't realize I wanted until she made it happen.  Many times per day I have patients comment that my wellness center is the most beautiful they've seen.  And every time, I think of Jen.  She has vision, highly refined skill, and is brilliant at honing in on exactly what you're wanting in your space.  And despite her visual genius, she is incredibly humble.  I can confidently say that anyone who gets a chance to work with her will be delighted with what she has to offer.

Aimee Wells Quin, West Berkeley Wellness

Intelligent, clever, sharp, quick, tireless, skilled, focused and subtle. Lives in today and works to the future without ignoring the past that got us here. You can take her anywhere, present her to anyone and whatever the occasion, you'll come out ahead, guaranteed. Would make a great Bene Gesserit.

Christopher Osborn, Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley

Jennifer went above and beyond on our new construction design project. She identified solutions that helped keep the project within budget and increased environmental sustainability. Whenever we had questions or otherwise needed assistance, she responded quickly and efficiently. On top of everything, Jennifer was great to work with – her interactions with our team were always positive and supportive.

Andrea S., Ploughshares Nursery

As a general contactor I’ve had the privilege of working with Jennifer Downing during the past two years on an innovative cutting edge eco-friendly nursery she designed as project leader for the Kahn Design Associates team.  From the very onset of our working relationship Jennifer’s positive disposition along with her ability to identify building challenges and suggest viable construction solutions has made this one of the more enjoyable experiences in my tenure as a builder. Her ability to incorporate multiple unique building modalities into an integrated and eye catching design is one of her many talents.  She has a wonderful way to support both the client and the builder so that communication, decision making, change orders, financial considerations, and construction quality are all balanced to each party’s satisfaction. This is a special gift.

As a way of keeping myself personally connected as a global citizen I lead Global Village building teams for Habitat for Humanity International. This past year I selected 16 individuals to join me in support on a two week ten house build in Romania. Jennifer was one of the few I asked to be part of this team. Our task was challenging in directing nearly 300 largely unskilled volunteers. Regardless of the task assigned to make this build successful, Jennifer’s ability to quickly assimilate the required steps then teach and direct others was masterful in such a positive and supportive fashion. She is one I am pleased to count as a reliable colleague in both local and international building opportunities.

Without any hesitation I’d gladly partner with Jennifer to build something special for other clients.

Rolf Bell, General Contractor